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Montezumas Chocolate

Montezuma's British Chocolate
Montezuma's - Organic Smooth Milk Chocolate 100g
Sweet and smooth milkyness that many will demand from their milk chocolate fix.
Montezuma's - Organic Dark Chocolate and Chilli (73%) 100g
First you are hit by the taste of the Dark Chocolate, followed a few moments later by that Chilli bam!
Montezuma's - Organic Dark Chocolate and Orange & Geranium 100g
Dark Chocolate blended with a citrus and floral oil - you simply must try it!
Montezuma's - Organic Milk Chocolate with Chilli and Lime 100g
Delicious British milk chocolate with chilli and lime.
Montezuma's - Organic Semi-Dark Chocolate 100g
54% cocoa solids in a Milk Chocolate bar.
Montezuma's - Organic Very Dark Chocolate (73%) 100g
The quality of the beans shines through giving a full flavour without any over-powering bitterness. .
Montezuma's 54% Cocoa Drinking Chocolate 300g
Blend No.1. dark chocolate for making hot chocolate drinks.