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Other Chocolates

Niederegger Chocolate Mousse Truffle Filled Bar 100g
Dark Chocolate With Mousse Filling
Niederegger Raspberry Panna Cotta Filled Bar 100g
Milk Chocolate With Raspberry Filling
Beech's Dark Chocolate Brazils 135g
Beeches delicious Dark Chocolate covered brazil nuts.
Sultans Crystalized Ginger 200g
Sultans delicious pieces of crystalized ginger.
Sultans Dark Chocolate Gingers 200g
Sultans delicious Dark Chocolate covered pieces of crystalized ginger.
Beech's Milk Chocolate Brazils 135g
Beeches delicious Milk Chocolate covered brazil nuts.
Booja-Booja Champagne Truffles 150g
Organic Dairy Free Delicious Truffles
Chocolarder 100% Dark Chocolate
Handmade in Cornwall