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Cookie & Fudge Clusters 100g
From: £1.49
cookie & fudge clusters
Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts 100g
From: £1.99
hazelnuts in dark chocolate
Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Bites
From: £1.25
honeycomb in dark chocolate
Dark Chocolate Toffees 100g
From: £1.25
dark chocolate toffee
Fizzy Sugar Coated Glow Worms 100g
From: £0.99
small sour fruit sweets
Fruit Rock 100g
From: £1.25
small pieces of fruit flavoured rock
Giant Fizzy Dummies 100g
From: £1.25
giant fizzy chewy sweets
Marzipan Pebbles 100g
From: £1.89
marzipan pebbles
Milk Chocolate Coated Cashews 100g
From: £1.99
cashews in milk chocolate
Milk Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts 100g
From: £1.99
hazelnuts in milk chocolate
Milk Chocolate Toffees 100g
From: £1.25
milk chocolate toffees
Mint Toffee 100g
From: £1.25
mint toffees
Rotella Wheels 100g
From: £1.25
chewy wheels
Millions Sour Strawberry 40g
small chewy sweets
Vimto Fizzy Mallows 100g
Pez Mango Mix Refill 8pk
8 pack pez refill card.
Fruitella Sour Chews
Sour fruit flavour chews
Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Flaming Five
Caution: Contains hot chilli
Giant Fizzy Red & Blue Cable
fizzy red and blue chew with a fondant centre
Giant Fizzy Watermelon Cable
fizzy watermelon flavoured chew with fondant centre
Giant Strawberry & Cream Cable
strawberry & cream flavour chew with a fondant centre
Giant Blackcurrant Cable
blackcurrant flavour chew with a fondant centre
Giant Fizzy Cola Cable
fizzy cola flavour chew with a fondant centre
Giant  Bubblegum Cable
bubblegum flavour chew with a fondant centre
Giant  Fizzy Rainbow Cable
fizzy fruit flavour chew with a fondant centre
Giant  Rainbow Cable
fruit flavour chew with a fondant centre
Giant  Rhubarb & Custard Cable
rhubarb & custard flavour chew with a fondant centre
Ferrero Raffaello 4pk
Beeches delicious Dark Chocolate covered brazil nuts.
Ferrero Rocher 3pk
Ambassador you are spoiling us!
Candy Factory Mega Rainbow Dust
straws filled with fruit flavour sherbet crystals
Summer Creams Sweets 100g
From: £1.75
Fruity and Crumbly, they're a great family favourite!
Coconut Log
From: £0.25
Coconut Log
Salted Caramel Peanut Brittle 100g
A bar of Traditional Peanut Brittle.
Fini Spiro Colours
fruit flavour candy roll
Red Candy Rolls
strawberry flavour candy belt roll
Lindt Lindor Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar 39g
Lindt salted caramel chocolate bar
Barratt Mini Liquorice Allsorts 200g
Mini liquorice, coconut and flavoured candy.
Candy Mix Cone 300g
Candy Mix
Caramel Sea Salt Fudge 100g
From: £1.49
rich sea salt caramel fudge
Chupa Chups Babol Tongue Painter Bubblegum
6 chunky pieces of bubblegum
Coffee & Cream Fudge 100g
From: £1.49
coffee and cream fudge
Dorset Butter Tablet 100g
From: £1.79
Handmade Dorset tablet.
Double Dipped Chocolate Toffees 100g
From: £1.39
milk chocolate covered toffees
Fizzy Dracula Teeth 105g
fizzy chewy fang teeth
Fizzy Wizzy 100g
From: £1.25
fruity fizzy sweets
Fruit Adventure Tic Tac's 18g
Tic tac's fruit adventure.
Giant Milk Chocolate Beans (like minstrels)100g
From: £1.25
Crisp sugar shell with milk chocolate in the middle
Giant White Mice 100g
From: £1.00
White mice
Large Brown & White Mint Humbugs 100g
From: £1.25
mint flavoured hard boiled sweets
Liquorice Wonder Mix 100g
From: £1.25
liquorice mix
Mega Pinkies 100g
From: £1.00
pink candy discs
Sour Skulls 100g
From: £1.75
sour chews in the shape of skulls
Turkish Delight Bar Rose Flavoured Covered In Milk Chocolate
Rose flavoured turkish delight covered in milk chocolate
Vidal Milk Chocolate Covered Bananas
Real Milk Chocolate coated bananas.
Zed Blue Razz Jawbreakers 4's
hard candy with a bubblegum centre 4 pack
Zed Candy Fizz Bombs
fizzy candy balls
Zed Jawbreaker Pop Blue Razz
jawbreaker on a stick
Zed Jawbreaker Pop Strawberry
jawbreaker on a stick
Welcome to the online shop of affection in stroud.
This is the online shop for our very own Chocolate and Sweet Shop based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

Chocolate Bars, Retro Sweets, Jelly Belly, Toffee & Chocolate Gifts.

Traditional Boiled Sweets and Retro Sweets.

We have hundreds of boiled sweets such as kola kubes, sweet peanuts, pineapple rock, fizz balls, sugared almonds, aniseed balls and chewing nuts.

Children's old school favourites such as Toxic Waste, Pez and retro Wham bars.

Children of all ages like Dip Dabs, sherbet straws, popping candy, Anglo Bubbly, Wham bars, refreshers and more bring back memories of childhood.

Premium chocolate bars from Amatller, Willies Cacao, Dolfin, Tony's Chocolonely and Ritter
We love chocolate!

we have selections from all around the world, France, Belgium, Germany, USA all using cocoa from South America, Africa, Dominican Republic etc. Why not try some of our single source bars and see the differing tastes?
Chocolate gifts & Boxes of fine hand finished Belgian Chocolates.
 Tool sets and coffee creams are just some of the goodies in our gifts section, we can also add a small gift card - write the message in the cart and we will pop it in with the gift.