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Schokolat Chocolate Adjustable Spanner 37g
Chocolate Adjustable Spanner
Schokolat Chocolate Adjustable Wrench 156g
Chocolate Adjustable Wrench
Schokolat Chocolate Secateurs 73g
Chocolate Secateurs
Schokolat Chocolate Spanner 71g
Chocolate Spanner 71g
Schokolat Chocolate Winged Corkscrew 120g
Chocolate Winged Corkscrew
Schokolat Chocolate Heart Key  And Escutcheon 60g
Chocolate Heart Key And Escutcheon
Schokolat Chocolate Heart Key 83g
Chocolate Heart Key
Schokolat Chocolate Horseshoe 75g
Chocolate Horseshoe
Schokolat Chocolate Nut And Bolt 97g
Chocolate Nut and Bolt
Schokolat Chocolate Padlock 126g
Chocolate Padlock
Schokolat Chocolate Pocket Watch 100g
Chocolate Pocket Watch
Schokolat Chocolate Spanner And Nut  73g
Chocolate Spanner And Nut
Schokolat Chocolate Steampunk Gun 470g
Chocolate Steampunk Gun
Schokolat Chocolate Tea Pot  600g
Chocolate Tea Pot
Welcome to the online shop of affection in stroud.
This is the online shop for our very own Chocolate and Sweet Shop based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

Chocolate Bars, Retro Sweets, Jelly Belly, Toffee & Chocolate Gifts.

Traditional Boiled Sweets and Retro Sweets.

We have hundreds of boiled sweets such as kola kubes, sweet peanuts, pineapple rock, fizz balls, sugared almonds, aniseed balls and chewing nuts.

Childrens old school favourites such as Toxic Waste, Pez and retro Wham bars.

Children of all ages like Dip Dabs, sherbet straws, popping candy, Anglo Bubbly,Wham bars, refreshers and more bring back memories of childhood.

Premium chocolate bars from Amatller, Valrhona, Mazet to the modern and unusual Zotter collection.
We love chocolate!

we have selections from all around the world, France, Belgium, Germany, USA all using cocoa from South America, Africa, Dominican Republic etc. Why not try some of our single source bars and see the differing tastes?
Chocolate gifts & Boxes of fine hand finished Belgian Chocolates.
 Tool sets and coffee creams are just some of the goodies in our gifts section, we can also add a small gift card - write the message in the cart and we will pop it in with the gift.