Anglo Bubbly Bubblegum

Product code: 001425
The Bubblegum of your childhood - Pear flavoured

The Original Retro Gum.  

Choose from a pack of 10 or 20

Anglo Bubbly Bubblegum are individually wrapped pink bubblegum (naturally coloured). The bubblegum from from your childhood. Now contains no artificial colours or flavourings. Fun, Pink chewy Pear flavoured Bubblegum folded in a pretty little wrapper. Keep the Yummy Bubblegum you know alive in todays generation! Blows Bigger Bubbles.

ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, gum base, invert sugar syrup, sweetener sorbitol syrup, natural flavouring, natural beetroot red colour. may contain soya traces.

Condition New
Product Code 001425
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