Anthon Berg Cherry In Rum 220g

Product code: 001018
Anthon Berg Cherry In Rum Chocolate covered marzipan.

Anthon Berg Cherry In Rum 220g.

Anthon Berg - Appointed to the Royal Danish Court, has been making chocolates since 1884. Created to the highest quality these Lifli are Cherry In Rum on a disc of marzipan covered in a crisp shell of 50% dark chocolate. Each one is individually wrapped to keep it in tip top condition.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cherries 12%, almonds 11%, apricot kernels, glucose syrup, spirits, cocoa butter, modified maize/corn starch, milk fat, alcohol, rapeseed lecithin, preservative: scorbic acid, citric acid;  minimum 50% cocoa solids in the chocolate. alcohol max. 1.2%

contains milk and nuts

Condition New
Product Code 001018
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