Carstens Lubecker Chocolate Covered Marzipan Bar 200g

Product code: 002305
Carstens superior Lubecker Marzipan Bar

Carstens Lubecker Chocolate Covered Marzipan Bar 200g.

Fine dark chocolate covering one of the worlds best marzipans - Carstens Lubecker Marzipan Bar Covered in Dark Chocolate.

This Superior Lubeck Marzipan bar from Lubeck in Germany.

Made with the finest 56% cocoa dark chocolate and 42% almond marzipan. Dont be fooled by cheaper marzipan bars, always choose ones with the high percent almonds as this is a sign of true quality. Some bars are as low as 20% avoid these as you will be dissapointed.

ingredients: almonds (42%), sugar, cocoa mass, water, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, soya lecithin, invertase. may contain traces of other nuts, gluten and dairy products.

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Product Code 002305
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