Excelcium Red Chocolate Box 180g

Product code: 001638
assorted Belgian chocolate box

Excelcium Red Chocolate Box 180g.

Assorted Belgian chocolates:
Toffee Peanut, Orange Krokant, Carre Apricot, Crispy Wonder, Sweet Bourbon, Sweet Melange, Carre Hazelnut, Nut-Dessert, Peanut Crispy Toffee, Sweet Bourbon

ingredients: sugar, wheat starch, soy flour, glucose syrup, coca butter, vegetable oils (palm, soy), glucose-fructose syrup, coca mass, whole milk powder, dextrose, milk sugar, peanuts, hazelnuts, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, humectant:invertase, rice flour, caramel sugar syrup, flavourings: orange, vanilla, apricot, amaretto, toffee, vanilla, hazelnut and cream, orange peel, citric acid, salt, whey powder

may contain traces of other nuts

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Product Code 001638
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