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Hard Boiled

ABC Candy Letters Sweets 100g
Letter shaped sweets
Acid Drops Sweets 100g
Sharp lemon flavoured hard boiled sweet
Banana & Custard Flavour Sweets 100g
Banana & Custard hard boiled sweet
Chocolate Flavour Limes Sweets 100g
Hard boild lime flavour sweet with a chocolate flavour centre
Cinnamon Balls Cinnamon Flavour Sweets 100g
Hard black cinnamon flavoured balls
Cola Pips Small Sweets 100g
cola flavoured pips
Coltsfoot Rock 100g
Coltsfoot rock sticks
Dandelion and Burdock Flavour Sweets 100g
Dandelion & Burdock flavoured hard boiled sweets
Edinburgh Rock Sweets 100g
Fruity and Crumbly, they're a great family favourite!
Candy Fruit Rock 100g
Fruit flavour rock sticks
Jargonelle Pear Drops Sweets 100g
Large pear drops in different colours.
Kola Kubes Cola Flavour Sweets 100g
cola flavoured hard boiled sweet
Large Pear Drops Sweets 100g
Hard boiled handmade Pear flavoured sweet
Kola Kubes Cola Flavour Sweets With Chewy Centre 100g
cola flavoured hard boiled sweet with a soft chewy centre
Mega Sour Apples Sweets 100g
Extremely sour apple flavour sweets
Mega Sour Cherries Sweets 100g
Extremely sour cherry flavour sweets
Mega Sour Lemon Sweets 100g
Extremely sour lemon flavour sweets
Mega Sour Raspberries Sweets 100g
Extremely sour raspberry flavour sweets
Mini Fizzers Retro Sweets 100g
small packs of fizzers
Mini Parma Violets Retro Sweets 100g
small packs of parma violets
Orange & Lemon Fizz Balls Sweets 100g
Orange flavour and Lemon flavour fizzy sweets with a sharp taste
Pineapple Cubes (Chunks) Sweets 100g
Pineapple flavoured hard boiled sweet
Rhubarb & Custard Flavour Sweets 100g
Rhubarb & Custard flavour sweets
Rhubarb & Custard Pips Small Sweets 100g
Rhubarb & Custard flavoured pips
Rosy Apples Sweets  100g
Apple flavoured hard boiled sweet.
Small Pear Drops Sweets 100g
Traditional pink and yellow pear flavour pear drops.
Soor Plooms Sweets 100g
Hard green mixed fruit flavoured balls
Sour Apple Cubes Sweets 100g
sour apple flavoured hard boiled sweet
Sour Blue Raspberry Fizz Balls Sweets 100g
Raspberry fizzy sweets with a slighty sharp taste
Strawberry & Creme Flavour Sweets 100g
strawberry and creme flavoured hard boiled sweet
Sweet Peanuts Sweets 100g
Peanut shaped and flavoured sweets with a cracknel centre
Tom Thumb Small Sweets 100g
Colourful Little buds of fruity naughtiness!
Watermelon & Apple Fizz Balls Sweets 100g
Watermelon flavoured fizzy sweets and Apple flavoured fizzy sweets
West Indian Lime Flavour Sweets 100g
Lime flavoured hard boiled sweets
Yorkshire Mixture Assorted Sweets 100g
fruit flavoured boiled sweet assortment.
Cherry Fizz Balls Sweets 100g
Cherry flavour fizzy sweets with a slighty sharp taste
Edwardian Fruit Rock Sweets 100g
assorted fruit flavoured rock.
Mini Love Hearts Retro Sweets 100g
Love hearts in mini packs - ideal for wedding favours
Sugared Almonds 100g
Sugar coated almonds - ideal for wedding favours
Toffee Crunch Sweets From The Cheddar Sweet Kitchen 100g
toffee flavoured hard boiled sweets
Apple & Custard Flavour Sweets 100g
Apple & Custard hard boiled sweet
Bubblegum Fizz Balls Sweets 100g
bubblegum flavour fizzy sweets
Clove Drop Sweets 100g
A sugar crusted traditional favourite with a distinctive clove taste!
Edwardian Mint Rock Sweets 100g
cut mint flavoured rock
Forest Fruits Flavour Sweets 100g
forest fruits flavour hard boiled sweet
Fruit Bonbons Fruit Flavour Sweets 100g
Hard boiled fruit sweets with a gooey centre
Fruit Drops Sweets 100g
hard boiled sweets
Fruity Sherbet Sweets 100g
Hard boild fruity sherbet flavour sweets
Mega Sour Bubblegum Flavour Sweets 100g
Extremely sour bubblegum flavour sweets
Mega Sour Fruits Sweets 100g
Extremely sour fruit flavour sweets
Pineapple Rock Sweets From The Cheddar Sweet Kitchen 100g
pineapple flavoured hard boiled sweets