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Loose Liquorice

Black & White Liquorice Mints 100g
Layers of Hard Chewy Liquorice and a firm mint fondant.
Blackcurrant and Liquorice 100g
Hard blackcurrant boiled sweet with a liquorice centre
Caramel Liquorice Roll 100g
liquorice with a caramel coating
Coal Dust Sherbet Crystals 100g
fizzy aniseed and liquorice flavour sherbet crystals kali
Double Salt Liquorice Triangles 100g
DZ Triangles Dutch double salt liquorice
Dutch Honey Liquorice 100g
Dutch Honey Liquorice
Dutch Salmiak Liquorice Skulls 100g
hard crunchy salty liquorice skulls
Dutch Soft Liquorice Griotten Squares 100g
Soft liquorice sugared squares
Finnish Liquorice Revolvers 100g
Finnish liquorice revolvers
Finnish Liquorice Stripes - Strawberry 100g
Finnish liquorice stripes - strawberry
Liquorice Allsorts 100g
Liquorice, coconut and flavoured candy.
Liquorice Comfits 100g
A miniture version of the Liquorice Torpedoes, these traditional sweets offer a delicious liquorice flavour.
Liquorice Cream Rock 100g
liquorice with a fondant filling
Liquorice Cuttings 100g
small pieces of soft chewy liquorice
Liquorice Toffee 100g
Tasty toffee with liquorice
Liquorice Torpedos 100g
Unmistakeable, these traditional sweets offer a delicious liquorice flavour.
Single Salt Liquorice Diamonds 100g
Zout Single salt liquorice
Swedish Raspberry & Liquorice Skulls 100g
Swedish raspberry and liquorice skulls
Swedish Toffee & Liquorice Ovals 100g
Swedish toffee and liquorice ovals
Triple Salt Liquorice Bisal 100g
Bisal Dutch triple salt liquorice