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After Dinner Mints 100g
Peppermint mints with a soft chalky consistancy like Edinburgh rock
Bassetts Murray Mints 100g
wrapped buttery mints
Butter Mints 100g
Round flat mints with a buttery taste
Everton Mints 100g
Black and white striped pillows of mint with a gooey chewy toffee centre
Fox's Glacier Mints 100g
Glacier mints made with natural mint oils.
Kendal Mint Cake Pieces 100g
sugary strong mint pieces
Mint Humbugs 100g
Hard boiled mints
Mint Imperials 100g
Small hard round mints.
Spearmint Chews 100g
wrapped spearmint chews
Uncle Joe's Mint Balls
Uncle Joe's mint balls, hard strong mints
Black & White Liquorice Mints 100g
Layers of Hard Chewy Liquorice and a firm mint fondant.
Dark Chocolate Peppermint Creams 100g
peppermint fondant in dark chocolate
Edwardian Mint Rock Sweets 100g
cut mint flavoured rock
Menthol and Eucalyptus Sweets 100g
Hard boiled menthol & eucalyptus sweet - good for clearing a blocked stuffy nose.
Mint Chocolate Eclairs 100g
Creamy toffee with a mint chocolate centre